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About Margaret Cullingford

OfficeEscaping the rumpus of a university department, I decided to generate uproar I could control and realized a long-term ambition. I began to write, joined a Writers’ Workshop - smart move – and the invaluable Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme.


Also, to be absolutely certain I could write fiction, I followed Virginia Woolf’s advice and bagged a room of my own, not over-large, obviously, but mine, all mine.  


Both my novels, Last Bite of the Cherry and Twins of a Gazelle are about clever women brilliant at whatever they decide to do, BUT, Calista Blake in Twins of a Gazelle and Monica Sommers in Last Bite of the Cherry have a similar flaw, they are emotionally naive.  They become entangled with unsuitable men who make life difficult for them.  In the process of battling through the “arrows of outrageous fortune” that rain down on them, Monica and Calista mature and each dares to anticipate a less fraught future.

According to my favourite fan, I write “grown-up novels for grown-ups’, about relationships with issues, love stories with edge, compelling to write, and, I hope, intriguing to read.



Margaret Cullingford, aka Mags lives in Leicestershire with her forbearing husband and temperamental tortoiseshell cat.

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